A Brand New Portable AC is Making the Summer Heat Go by Like a Breeze…

01/06/2023 | Patrik Nash

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Is the summer heat driving you insane? Are you looking at your electricity bill go up as the temperature in your room goes down?

Worry no longer. This European gadget is here to cool you, save you money and drive out the competition, and it’s all out of competitors.

Summer 2020 is rough. Temperatures are high and everyone is stuck indoors, looking at their money burn to keep them cool, or endure it with sweat and gritted teeth. And it literally only just started. The hottest times of the year are still ahead and there seems to be no hope in sight.

But what if we told you there’s a third way? A way to keep cool, and breath clean fresh air, all without even having anything connected to the socket? This new portable AC is on the market and we investigate why people snapping it up.

European Gadget of the Year 2020?

This remarkable little box is called the NexCooler. A product of German engineering that has already earned the endearing nickname of “Bloop” by the many customers its already helping cool off and breath clean.

With some impressive innovations in portable cooling technology, it sets the new benchmark to beat with just how compact, silent, powerful and energy efficient it is, and topped off with filters to clean the air.

The NexCooler is so easy to operate and maintain that it’s easy to see why it’s Europe’s new favorite son, decorating and cooling many a room and porch from Lisbon to Bucharest, all for a price everyone could only dream of last summer.

The Test Drive:

The first thing that hit us is how small and light it was. Less than 2 pounds when not filled with water. It comes with a holding handle too so we just carried it with us wherever we went, from room to car to room, and since it works on its powerful 200mAh battery, it was blowing air the whole time.

We were initially skeptical about its potency, due to its size, but all you have to do is turn on the “Rapid Cooling” mode to get this little monster to start pumping 2.7 m/s of cool clean air! All without being connected to a socket!

The NexCooler really did impress us:

✅ Powerful 200mAh Battery – Enough for up to 8 hours of cooling, with type C USB charging. (Fast Charger Included in the Box)

✅ Large 300ml Water Tank – It can last up to 8 hours

✅ Very Silent – literally slept with it like a baby

✅ 3 Fan Speeds 

✅ Adjustable Blades for Airflow Adjustment

✅ Functions as a Humidifier

✅ Functions Both as an Air Cooler and a Regular Fan

✅ Relieves Allergy Symptoms – If you’re suffering from stuffed sinuses, dust or pollen allergy, the NexCooler can make you feel better

✅ Cordless Operation

✅ Very Pleasant Multi-color Lighting – You can match your portable AC to the mood of the room

✅ Advanced Air Filter – Effectively filters out dust, pollen and other annoyances.

My unit came especially handy as I have a very dusty bedroom, the filters can last quite a few months, and if you need a replacement, just hop onto the official website to get another. The other members of the team all found features to fall in love with. From using its adjustable LED lighting as a reading light, to its carrying handle allowing you to hang it up on the coat hanger!

99% of Users Recommend the NexCooler to Their Friends and Family

"I’m renting an apartment and I DO NOT have the money to start installing a big AC unit and pay for it to work. I thought I’d be doomed to use my large and very loud metal fan forever but then a friend told me about this little Bloop, and I fell instantly in love. It follows me everywhere now."

"We have a big standard AC in the living room but it was never enough to cool the whole house, so mostly we would just sleep in the heat or open up the sofa as a bed in the summer. We searched and searched for a solution that wouldn’t cost us a fortune and stumbled upon this portable AC. The first one worked so well we bought for each member of the family!"

"God I’ve been suffering from allergies so much and putting up a fan to blow it all around my room would just make it worse! I was looking for air filters online and found this little guy! Now I can both breath and stay cool! Thanks a lot!"

How Much Does the NexCooler Cooler Cost?

The area we thought would be an issue is the price. After all, German engineering, even if it’s assembled in a Chinese factory, doesn’t come cheap, right? Turns out we were wrong.

The regular price of the NexCooler is a mere 179€. A surprisingly low price overall. More than worth the money and certainly cheaper than some big chunky standard AC unit. But then we also found out the company is celebrating its landmark sales of the product with an amazing 50% off sale plus Free Delivery! You can get one of these for just 89€!

We could not sum up with words how much we loved this device. Well we can, we just wrote an entire review about it, but really, we absolutely fell for the NexCooler! And with the amazing sale, we really can’t do anything more but to tell you to grab one before they run out!

Click here to see if the NexCooler Promotion is still live >>

Conclusions: Is the NexCooler worth a buy?

Overall Rating


Ease Of Use
Value For Money

If you skipped directly over here, we’ll just tell you YES. 100%. If you’ve patiently read through the review to get here, we’ll just tell you YES. 100%.

If you want to enjoy a cool fresh summer, no matter where you go or which corner of the house you sit in, don’t hesitate, the NexCooler is absolutely worth it. You’ll end up buying 3 for your family too.

How to Get The NexCooler?

Now that you know how amazing it is, here’s the simple steps to enjoy the summer:

    1. We recommend getting an original device from the official website here.
    2. Turn it on and breath in the cool clean air.

TIP: The NexCooler is selling out fast right now. We highly recommend placing your order fast before this promotion ends!